The Dakota Dreams Tutoring Program provides K-12 students in South Dakota free online tutoring. This program will launch at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year and is anticipated to run each afternoon seven days week, excluding holidays. Tutoring will support individual student learning needs, including help with homework and educational concepts.  

The program will be staffed with 40 university students who have been accepted into the Schools of Education at Black Hills State University and Northern State University. These college students will gain practical experience, while allowing K-12 students opportunities to flourish in their education.   

Online Tutoring Platform 

The Dakota Dreams Tutoring Program uses a secure software platform where tutors can conduct virtual sessions with students. The online platform is a one-stop shop, for scheduling and conducting sessions. 

Access to the online tutoring platform will be incorporated into the Our Dakota Dreams website soon. Students and their parents will first need to register to use the platform. Once registered, sessions can either be pre-scheduled or on-demand, depending on tutor availability. 

Inviting Partnerships 

South Dakota’s K-12 schools will play an important part in communicating this opportunity with students and their families. Other partners, such as after-school programs and libraries, are invited to promote the program to students and their families and provide an environment where students can engage in online tutoring during the school year (I.e., use local computers and personnel support for technology). 

Project Funding and State Support 

Tutoring sessions are provided at no expense to K-12 students in South Dakota. This opportunity is being administered by the South Dakota Board of Regents and funded with federal dollars available to the South Dakota Department of Education through the American Rescue Plan. 

For more information, contact us.