SD Scholarship Bulletin Board

It can be hard to keep track of every scholarship available. The Statewide Scholarship Bulletin Board is here to help, sharing scholarships from across the state and other organizations.

Find Scholarships

This Statewide Scholarship Bulletin Board aims to provide students across South Dakota a platform to search numerous scholarship opportunities. This is not an exhaustive list. Your high school, preferred college or community may offer scholarships not featured here.

Remember to track the scholarships for which you’ve applied. You can use the Scholarship Application Tracking Sheet offered by Mapping Your Future.

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See the SD Regional Map to filter scholarships relevant to you!

Post Scholarships

Third-party entities are welcome to post scholarship opportunities through a request process. Scholarships must meet the following criteria to be posted:

  • Open to South Dakota students
  • Applicable at South Dakota public and/or private colleges
  • Minimum total award amount of $250.00
  • Does not promote alcohol, drugs, illegal activity or speech not protected by the First Amendment

If you have a scholarship opportunity you would like posted on this page, please submit your request in the form provided below.

SD Scholarship Bulletin Board

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