HIgh School Dual Credit

High School Dual Credit (HSDC) courses give high school students who meet admissions standards the opportunity to enroll in public technical colleges and universities in South Dakota while still in high school. Students taking HSDC courses simultaneously earn credits for both their high school diploma and college degree or certificate.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to start your college career before high school graduation - saving you time and money!

Save Time and Money with Dual Credit!

High school juniors and seniors in South Dakota receive a special discount for dual credit courses; paying only one-third of the cost on an already reduced credit hour rate thanks to a program approved by the South Dakota Legislature. That’s a deal compared to the typical cost of about $200 per credit at the state’s four technical colleges and $300 per credit at the state’s public universities.

Benefits of Dual Credit:

  • Save time by earning college credit in high school that you can apply towards a college certificate or degree.
  • Save money during your junior and senior year in high school with a majorly discounted tuition rate.
  • Gain experience, confidence, and motivation for college early on.
  • Get access to free college resources such as the library, email, and tutoring services. (Access to wellness centers, sporting events, and other student activities vary amongst institutions.)

Dual Credit Things To Know:

  • High school students are also college students when they take dual credit and are held to the same expectations and standards as other college students.
  • Students taking dual credit courses are admitted, billed, and graded through the colleges’ policies and procedures.
  • Students are responsible to pay $50.84 per credit hour, which is one-third of the reduced rate of the course as established by the Board of Regents in its Tuition and Fee Schedule, plus any required textbooks and materials.
  • Dual credit course grades become part of the students’ permanent high school and college records.


Dual Credit Courses

Students can choose from a number of on-campus and online HSDC classes.

It is highly recommended that students contact a university or technical college admissions representative to advise on which dual credit courses they should take.

Apply Today

Students should work directly with their school counselor to register for HSDC courses. This helps to ensure that all high school requirements are being met. Each college has its own registration form, and students should work with their local school contact to complete the necessary paperwork.

Public University HSDC Application

Technical College HSDC Application

Dates and Deadlines:

Spring 2024 Term
Summer 2024 Term
Fall 2024 Term
Spring 2025 Term

SD Public University Dual Credit Advisory Tools

All HSDC courses offered by the South Dakota Board of Regents are part of the general education curriculum required for any degree program in the system. The term “general education” consists of required coursework (30 credit hours in total) that helps students build foundational skills across a spectrum of topics necessary for success in any career. If you are looking to graduate college faster, it’s a good idea to focus on taking only the HSDC courses that are necessary to complete your degree. Find HSDC coursework suggestions based on your interests in the advisory tools below.

Business & Management Track
Education & Social Sciences Track
Engineering, Math & Technology Track
Health Sciences Track
Humanities, Fine Arts & Design Track
Natural Sciences & Agriculture Track

Frequently asked questions

1. What is High School Dual Credit (HSDC)?
2. What is the reduced tuition rate for HSDC and who is eligible for it?
3. What are the admissions requirements for HSDC?
4. Are there other ways to qualify for HSDC besides GPA, ACT score or class rank?
5. How is the HSDC course credit recorded?
6. How will a school district determine how HDSC coursework will apply toward a high school diploma?
7. How many HSDC courses may a student take?
8. What are some things a student should consider before applying for HSDC?
9. Will the HSDC course credits transfer to any college?
10. What if the student fails or withdraws from a HSDC course?
11. Can a student drop a HSDC course if they get part way into the semester and realize they are having difficulties?
12. Can HSDC courses be used to enhance high school CTE programs?
13. How can a home school student participate in the HSDC program?


Calling Juniors and Seniors! 

Are you interested in going to college but need additional support to be successful in college-level math coursework?  Consider taking our Year-Long College Algebra Course. This course is taken in two consecutive semesters, both taught by the same teacher through the Northern State University E-Learning Center.

  • 1st Semester: College Algebra Prep
  • 2nd Semester: HSDC College Algebra (MATH 114)

Full scholarships for HSDC tuition and books available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch or are first-generation college students.

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Participating Institutions | Contact Information

SD Technical Colleges

Lake Area Technical College
Mitchell Technical College
Southeast Technical College
Western Dakota Technical College

SD Board of Regents Universities

Black Hills State University
Black Hills State University - Rapid City
Dakota State University
Northern State University
SD School of Mines & Technology
South Dakota State University
University of South Dakota
University of South Dakota - Sioux Falls

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