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Paying for college isn’t just an investment in your future - it’s an investment in yourself. When you think of all the things you’ll purchase throughout your life, few have the ability to shape your future and open new doors like a college degree.


Want to understand how to afford a college degree? South Dakota students have a variety of options, from state-level scholarships to federal financial aid. Find the right financial solution for you and your student(s) using our student-centered resources and financial aid tools.

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College Financial Aid Offices and Contacts

Each college has a Financial Aid Office that is responsible for preparing and communicating information on financial aid. These offices help students apply for and receive student loans, grants, scholarships and other types of financial aid.

While college admissions representatives are often the main contacts for prospective students and their families, never hesitate to contact a college financial aid office if you have a financial question. Financial aid professionals are happy to help students in various ways, including:

  • Completing the FAFSA
  • Advising on financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • Reviewing loan options
  • Estimating college costs and financial aid
  • Counseling on how to pay for college

College Financial Aid Contacts

Click on the college(s) below to access their financial aid page and contacts.

More Resources


Mapping Your Future is a resource all South Dakotans should use when preparing for college. Funded in part by the South Dakota Community Foundation, this nonprofit organization’s mission is to enable individuals to achieve life-long success by empowering schools, students, and families with college, financial aid, career and financial literacy information and services.

Paying for College Video Series

Available to all South Dakotans, this FREE resource provides an easy-to-follow video series that details the smartest way to afford college, how to avoid costly mistakes and where to turn for help. This video series is funded in part by the South Dakota Community Foundation and produced by three South Dakota entities.

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