Our Dakota Dreams

We believe in a world where every South Dakota student can achieve their dream, starting with education. From college prep and tutoring to financial aid, we’re here to help you take the next steps to make your future ambitions come true.

What We Are

Our Dakota Dreams is your virtual guide to pursuing education after high school in South Dakota. From students and parents to educators, we can help get you on the right path with a hub of resources supported by advice and information from seasoned professionals and partners.


Who We Are

Our Dakota Dreams is led by a coalition of stakeholders, funded by federal dollars available to the South Dakota Department of Education and coordinated by the South Dakota Board of Regents. We have experts in every field, from applying for scholarships to understanding the perks of college. Having so many partners allows us to fully embrace South Dakota students and their dreams from a holistic approach.

South Dakota Department of Education

Dedicated to enhancing learning through leadership and service, the South Dakota Department of Education aspires for all students to leave the K-12 education system College, Career and Life Ready.

South Dakota Board of Regents

The South Dakota Board of Regents provides leadership and sets policies for programs and services delivered through six universities and two special schools to improve the quality of education, student success and degree attainment.

Participating Institutions

Click on the following South Dakota universities and technical colleges to learn more about their programs, admissions and financial aid requirements.

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