High School College Prep Checklist

Now is the time to prepare for college. Taking steps throughout high school – before you ever complete a college admissions application or step onto campus – will position you for a successful college career. There are things you can do each year leading up to high school graduation to help you get ready.

College Prep for 9th Grade Students

As you enter your first year of high school, now is the perfect time to start the process towards launching your Dakota Dream — if you haven’t already. The earlier you start, the better prepared you will be for education after high school and turning your dreams into reality.

College Prep for 10th Grade Students

As you enter your second year of high school think about what you have learned — Have you gained any new interests? Discovered new hobbies? Take everything you have learned and apply it to continue to explore your Dakota Dreams.

College Prep for 11th Grade Students

You are halfway done with high school — two years down, two to go! As you continue to move through high school, take advantage of all the opportunities offered and consistently meet with your school representative to ensure your goals are met.

College Prep for 12th Grade Students

Congratulations! You are officially a senior in high school, which means graduation is getting closer and closer! With that comes the extra importance of staying on top of your to-do list and completing the necessary tasks to help make your Dakota Dreams come true.

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