College Prep for 10th Grade Students

10th Grade College Prep Checklist

As you enter your second year of high school think about what you have learned — have you gained any new interests? Discovered new hobbies? Take everything you have learned and apply it to continue to explore your Dakota Dreams.

Use this checklist to help get prepared. As you cross off tasks on your list, Our Dakota Dreams will be by your side every step of the way.

  • Talk about your possible life goals and plans with family members and your school representative. You don’t have to have all the answers, but these discussions can help you begin to envision the possibilities.
  • Engage in career exploration.
  • Take an interest and skills assessment test to help you explore different career options — free tests are available online.
  • Consider the type of college degree you would need to prepare you for your career interests.
  • Explore colleges of interest in-person or virtually.
  • Continue meeting with your school representative to help you be on the right path to meet career and college goals.
  • Review your high school course plan.
    • Take courses that align with your future career interests. If your school doesn’t offer them, ask your school representative if there are virtual options you should consider.
    • Set a goal to take the high school courses required to qualify for the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship. With the right coursework and ACT score, you can receive up to $6,500 for college!
    • Consider taking some dual credit classes during your junior year so you can start to earn college credit.
    • Consider taking a College Readiness Course your junior year to gain more confidence in your math abilities.
  • Check if your school requires 10th grade students to take the PreACT to prepare for the ACT. Explore options to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Look into internship opportunities to help you further explore your Dakota Dream!
  • Take advantage of SD Department of Labor and Regulation services such as mock interviews, application assistance, and soft skills development for your first job,
  • Participate in South Dakota’s Week of Work to explore, experience, and engage in work-based learning opportunities!
  • Start thinking about how you might pay for college – saving money, learning about amazing scholarship options available in South Dakota, and understanding what “financial aid” means can help you prepare.
  • Watch the Paying for College SD video series and invite your parents to do the same.
  • Consider the type of education you need to prepare you for your various career interests.
  • Engage in career exploration, including career camps and summer enrichment programs like HOBY or Boys and Girls State.

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