College Prep for High School Students

Prepping for Tomorrow Starts Today

There are plenty of things you can do in high school to position yourself for a successful college career BEFORE you ever complete the application or step onto campus.

Where to Start

Wondering how to get prepared for college? Look no further. Our Dakota Dreams has college preparation checklists for each year of high school to get you started.

College Prep Guide

College Prep Checklist by Year

9th Grade Students
10th Grade Students
11th Grade Students
12th Grade Checklist

Why College Matters

A higher education credential changes outcomes not just for individuals but also for their families and the entire South Dakota economy. College degrees lead to opportunities for a lifelong career, financial stability and better overall health and well-being. In today’s world, educational attainment plays an even more significant role in many aspects of people’s lives — and higher education opportunities in South Dakota include both two-year and four-year colleges to help you prepare for your future.

Set Yourself up for Success

Explore our resources to help you make strategic decisions in high school that prepare you for success in college.

Free Online Tutoring for K-12 Students
Career Exploration
High School Graduation Requirements
College Readiness Coursework
High School Dual Credit
Pre-College Testing
College Exploration
Free College Application Period
Paying for College

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