Finding Your Fit

College is Not One-Size-Fits-All.

In fact, a good college-fit should meet a student's needs and wants academically, socially and financially. In short, "fit" is all about you.

Exploring Colleges

A healthy college search often includes a solid self inventory. This is a great time to ask yourself things like:

  • What careers are related to the high school classes and subjects I enjoy most?
  • What degree types do I consider pursuing – certificates, associates or bachelor’s degrees?
  • What are my expectations for college?
  • Do I want a big school or a small school?
  • Do I want to be close to home or farther away?
  • What activities and experiences are important to me in a college experience?
  • What are my financial aid opportunities?

Things to Consider When Searching for a College

Find a major to launch your career
Find a place that feels like home
Find student experiences that meet your interests
Find a college that provides a value
Resources to explore colleges

How to get to know a college

You can get to know a college in a variety of ways, including in-person college events, visits with admissions representatives at your high school and at college fairs. Never hesitate to contact a college admissions representative to discuss opportunities to visit.

Admissions Visits to High Schools

Each year college admissions representatives schedule visits to local high schools to talk with students. Take advantage of these opportunities to get a better feel for their college. Even if you get the sense that it’s not a good fit, you’ll be one step closer to knowing what type of college could work for you. Wondering when a college will visit your school? Either talk to your school representative or contact the college’s admissions representative directly.

College Fairs

A college fair is an event where representatives from colleges come to a school, convention center or other location to talk to high school students about the colleges they represent and answer questions. College fairs are offered throughout South Dakota every fall and spring. Take advantage of these opportunities to thoroughly explore and find colleges that meet your needs.

Campus Visit Events

South Dakota’s state public technical colleges and universities host visit day events throughout the year. Some events are geared toward specific career fields and majors, while others are targeted at specific age groups, such as Junior Visit Day. You can also schedule individual campus visit by clicking on the technical colleges and universities below.

Making the Most of your In-Person Campus Visit

Good work – You’ve finally scheduled an in-person campus visit! You are on a mission to truly understand if this college is the right one for you. Don’t be surprised if it seems a little overwhelming. You are trying to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Consider these suggestions to make sure you are getting a good feel for the campus.

Meet With an Admissions Representative
Take a Campus Tour
Talk to a Professor/Instructor
Talk to College Students
Eat on Campus
Walk Around Campus on Your Own
Attend an Activity
Check out the Community

Apply to College

Once you know which colleges are of interest to you, check on admissions requirements and apply. Your college admissions representative will help you along the way.

Paying for College

Worried about affording a college degree? South Dakota students have a variety of options, from state-level scholarships to federal financial aid. Find the right financial solution for you and your student(s).

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