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College admissions representatives are here to help you navigate the process of entering college. Not only do they provide specific information about their college, but they can also help you find your best college fit.

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Admissions representatives are great at taking your career interests and other college search criteria and then pointing you in the right direction. They can also give you tips on what scholarships you should consider applying for as well as connect you with on-campus resources. A personal call will go a long way, so contact an admissions representative at the college(s) of your interest for support through the college search and selection process.

College Admissions Contacts

College Admissions Requirements

Knowing the requirements to enroll into a college is important. At a minimum, you will need to have earned a high school diploma or GED (or be close to it) as part of the general admissions requirements. Some programs of study also have specific entrance requirements. Visit each college’s website to explore their specific requirements for admission.

Admissions Requirements

Black Hills State University
Dakota State University
Lake Area Technical College
Mitchell Technical College
Northern State University
South Dakota Mines
South Dakota State University
Southeastern Technical College
University of South Dakota
Western Dakota Technical College

Guaranteed General Acceptance

South Dakota students who earn a Level 3 or 4 on the English language arts and math portions of the 11th grade South Dakota Assessment and/or an ACT composite score of 18 or higher* earn guaranteed general acceptance into the South Dakota public university or technical college of their choice without the need for remedial coursework in college. *South Dakota Mines requires an ACT of 18 in English; 20 in math.

High school seniors with scores lower than Levels 3 or 4 on South Dakota Assessments will be generally admitted to the state’s public technical colleges and universities, and they should consider taking college readiness coursework in high school to save time and money by avoiding remedial coursework in college.

Note: Some programs of study may have additional requirements. Students should contact their school(s) of choice to determine if their academic program of interest has additional requirements.


Once you’ve found a college (or colleges) that would fit you, it’s time to apply. Don’t worry if you are still undecided. The application process actually provides additional information to help you make that final decision. Follow these general steps. 

NOTE: Transfer students and returning students may have additional steps in the application process related to previously earned credits and financial aid. Visit with an admissions representative to ensure they are on the right track.

Step 1 : Gather Materials
Step 2: Complete the Application
Step 3: Apply for Financial Aid
Step 4: Complete Additional Steps & Allow Processing Time
Step 5: Receive your Acceptance
Step 6: View Your Financial Aid Offers
Step 7: Confirm your Acceptance


Students may apply to South Dakota’s public technical colleges and universities free of charge for two months each fall. During the free application period, you are encouraged to explore and apply to any of the public technical colleges and universities.

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