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Junior’s Guide to College Prep Booklet

As you cross off tasks on your list, Our Dakota Dreams will be by your side every step of the way.

College Prep Checklist for 12th Grade

Stay on top of the college prep checklist for 12th graders by completing the necessary tasks to help make your Dakota Dreams come true.

College Prep Checklist for 11th Grade

Take advantage of all your opportunities by addressing the tasks on our college prep checklist for 11th grade students.

College Prep Checklist for 10th Grade

Ensure you are approaching your future prepared and knowledgeable about available opportunities using this checklist.

College Prep Checklist for 9th Grade

Use the college prep checklist for 9th grade students to start preparing for your future.

College Prep Checklist for Middle School

Start preparing early for college with this checklist for middle school students.

College Prep Checklist for Elementary

Start preparing your elementary student(s) for a successful journey to higher education.