Fall Counselor Workshop Resources

School counselors can find the resources referenced during the Fall Counselor Workshops hosted by CCASD.

Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring Program – Promotions Toolkit

Educators can access a flyer, sample parent letter and social media graphics to communicate the Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring Program to parents and students.

Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring Program – Curriculum Share

Free College Application Period – Promotions Toolkit

College Prep Checklist for 12th Grade

Congratulations! You are officially a senior in high school, which means graduation is getting closer and closer! With that comes the extra importance of staying on top of the college prep checklist for 12th graders and completing the necessary tasks to help make your Dakota Dreams come true.

College Prep Checklist for 11th Grade

With only two years left of high school, make sure you are taking advantage of all your opportunities by addressing the tasks on our college prep checklist for 11th grade students.

College Prep Checklist for 10th Grade

Use the college prep checklist for 10th grade students to ensure you are approaching your future prepared and knowledgeable about the many opportunities available.

College Prep Checklist for 9th Grade

Your first year of high school is the perfect time to consider your future. Use the college prep checklist for 9th grade students to start preparing.

College Prep Checklist for Middle School

The college prep checklist for middle school students gives you an early start to preparing for college.

College Prep Checklist for Elementary

If you have a K-5 student and are wondering where to start, this checklist has a few suggestions for preparing your elementary student(s) for a successful journey to higher education.